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LED control card technical guidance
Source:本站 Entry is:admin The release date:2014-1-12

LED display control card common problems in the use and the best solution

Generally divided into: display problem, communication problems, and functional requirements

Solution trilogy: press test (test power source and wire connection), serial port communication words point software switch machine port and communication (test line), disconnect the power supply and so on all the lights on the bead out again after electric (initialization),

The following is a common case and the best solution:

A, display, data by control card transfer to display the row row needle, under the premise of electricity

1. After the success of the send, display screen display flowers, garbled, regular mobile (see word)

Answer: the typical way of scanning choose wrong, half outdoor, outdoor 4 usually sweep, 16, indoor car screen 8 sweep, and changed in the Settings screen to save and sent successfully

2. After the success of the send, display appear across the bright line, a few bright 1 done that

Answer: the discharge line direction inside out, press test (found on control card), this kind of situation general switch is fixed, the connect one end of the display and control card connected in turn

3. Send success shows black screen (haven't) any window

Answer: 1) the more troublesome, first ensure that the power is connected, press test, can the normal switch to edit the content of the high-profile big words fill full screen to send, if still black screen, the control card that the ribbon cable from this group of 12-1 row line, a set of a set of test... Maybe two high screen, plug wire into control card 3.4 group

2) the brightness is transferred into the dark? Examine the brightness adjustment in the software

3 and a half) outdoor, outdoor screen should be received 12 groups on a needle, even to the 08?

4. After the success of the send, display shows brightness uneven, a line of bright line of dark,

Answer: OE reverse polarity, the screen can be set by software in ginseng, OE polarity changes - save, send, also can be regulated through hardware, such as HT - 3 b, the HT - 3 bu card with OE key, click ok

5. After the success of the send, text and some reverse confusion

Answer: the needle on the control card has tags such as: T12-1 to display count from down on the first row, T12-2 is the second line...

This kind of circumstance is to display the number of lines and control card line the number of lines is not one-to-one correspondence, lead to the content

6. After the success of the send, height or length is less than the display screen shows the actual width is high, lead to some points

A: check the actual display high and long points (lamp bead amount) and software Settings screen and the points are consistent, inconsistent tone consistent editor sent again

7. After the success of the send, edit the part not shown on the screen

Answer: 6, the actual display screen points than set points in the small, lead to edit part of the display to display outside

8. Send success screen display card (card type inconsistent or data not complete)

Answer: 1) check the software Settings screen and control components and the actual control card in the card type are consistent and inconsistent word change again after sending it

2) check if card type consistent communication line, if there is a disconnect or short circuit

3) send U disk, isn't it before sending out data unplug usb stick?

9. Time is not accurate

Answer: the school, a serial port communication directly point in the software school, the usb communication in icon configuration Settings to save again send or menu bar to send U disk subdirectory of the Settings

Second, the communication problems (serial and usb communication)

1. Point to send, the display screen don't respond,

A: first of all ensure that matches the control card and control software, card type HT is the beginning of the control software version number is 2.1, card type is RH at the beginning of software version 3.1

2. Point to send prompt card was not found, please check the serial port and serial port/sent successfully, the content does not change all can refer to the following solution

Answer: 1) generally appeared in the serial port communication, usb communication and communication line it doesn't matter don't tube he determined directly, U disk can be sent

2) check the power and control card have electricity

3) whether the communication line end control card, connecting the computer, whether the connection on both ends, the middle have poor contact, so need to use electric welding and use insulated

4) port is available, the computer software menu bar - communication - serial diagnosis can be obtained as a result, if not available, or change the port in the computer, turn the USB serial port if need to install a USB driver (with CD)

5) HT series at the beginning of the communication line to cross the line, RH beginning for straight line, 2.3.5 three-terminal must be practiced

3. The content to send into the U disk, into the control card, display screen have no reaction, still showed a show before

Answer: 1) the usb drive and send it again, or U disk inserted into the card power off all lights, such as power outages on electricity again after reaction in the observation screen, if still have no reaction, wait a few minutes in the U disk

2) check the control card USB interface are in good condition, have four needle without bending

3) the screen power supply voltage is set high, higher than 4.2 V

4) USB extension cord is too long or poor contact

Three, functional requirements:

1. Edit points to send, after multiple partition program prompt area overlap, appear white

Answer: this is the area of the partition before stack together, can use the mouse to drag the area to adjust, can also drag each partition of the four sides and four corners

2. Usb card to the school

A: usb communication, when the school, brightness control, time switch machine, agents of all in the icon bar configuration, set up after the save then send button

Have don't understand can also open the software operation software help in F1

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